Tuesday, January 12, 2010

book thoughts

You may have heard about the Fifty Books Project--it's a viral, communal challenge to read fifty books in one year, approximately one book per week. I've done it in years past and was surprised to find I broke fifty each year. Last year, pregnant and then a new mom, I failed completely. Unless you count multiple, nuanced readings of Pajama Time and Mama, Do You Love Me?

This year, I'm determined to beat fifty books with a mix of theology and fiction. Follow along, won't you?

1 Irresistible Revolution, Shane Claiborne
Challenging book suggesting that we take Jesus' words seriously rather than neutering them--what if he meant for us to make peace and sell our belongings? At times abrasive and often deeply moving, it convicted me and the complacence I've fallen into.

2 Kidnapped Santa Claus by Alex Robinson
Fun, graphic novel take on the L Frank Baum short story--pretty, pretty art and elves with schoolgirl crushes. Plus, bad-ass Repentance--fun for the whole family!

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Anonymous said...

Ok One way to get a bunch of books read is to read fiction and plays. Plays are really fast. Start in on Sue Grafton's alphabet mysteries...they are like eating peanuts and not terribly long. Also the Flashman series by George Fraser. Somehow I manage to get well over a hundred a year. My secret? Very little TV. No twitter, texting or e mail in the middle of meetings.