Saturday, January 19, 2008

the saga of the sink, abbreviated for your convenience

I just spent two days putting a new sink into my bathroom. That's right, two days. It was an odyssey of self-discovery and cathartic frustration. My father and I took four trips to the hardware store, one of which was easily 45 minutes long. We struggled like Titans and swore like sailors. Yesterday afternoon, we declared it finished and turned on the water for the moment of truth. It leaked. All over the place. I called the plumber.

Then my friend Mark came over. Mark, arriving with tool box in hand and a glow about his head and shoulders nigh unto a halo. He came, he saw, we conquered. We took the whole thing apart and put it back together. And, lo, the water runneth and doth not overflow.


Bengals92 said...

as a manager i keep track of all stats (takedowns, pins ect..) i also log all the stats into my computer and do random stuff for the coaches

so remind me to never ask you to help build anything...

and yea world relgions is gonna be sweet

Thomas Van Brunt said...

Poor Papa. He is not the handy man his dad and brother are. Still, there was bonding!