Sunday, November 11, 2007

you know what i wish?

I wish cookies had the cold-fighting capabilities of orange juice and zinc.

I love cookies. I mean, really love them. Loving Husband calls me "Cookies for Dinner." I just ate 6. They were small, but still. And I had some for lunch, too. Cookies are just delicious--it's a fact, people.

And speaking as a person who has had two entirely separate and distinctive colds in one week, I feel justified in demanding preventatives in my sweets. I eat carrots and oranges like they're the healthful, semi-tasty items they are and I eat cookies like, well, cookies, so why not help a sister out?

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Bonnie said...

All you need is to fund the right research group. I'm sure someone out there could be pursuaded to see the light. After all, someone did it for Chocolate!